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heartbeat Church Malawi is situated in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp near Dowa, just north of the nation's capital Lilongwe. The church was adopted into the Australian heartbeat Church family following the arrival in Coffs Harbour of a number of African refugees from the civil war in the Congo (DRC). These Christians had family and friends who were still in Malawi's Dzaleka Refugee Camp and the relationship between the Australian mother church and the baby African church began to be fostered. The Malawi heartbeat Church now has a membership of just under 500 people. Population at the Dzaleka Refugee camp is currently 23,500 people which is much bigger than some of our Australian cities.

A new brick church building funded from Australia is nearing completion and the fellowship now has outreaches into two Malawian national villages near the Camp ministering also to local people.

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